Quality Policy.

Megasaray Tennis Academy

We establish our operation and management system, which conform to international standards and ensure that they are practiced while becoming corporate. We always measure and improve our guest satisfaction and service quality continuously, believing that they can always be better. We emphasize continuous training in order to increase awareness of our personnel and to ensure sustainability of the system.

We make new investments by working in harmony with the policies of the country and the region. We take expectations of our guests into consideration for our investments and improve ourselves by following the technology closely and always use our knowledge and skills productively.

We ensure that all our employees contribute to our system through our transparent management style. We engrain the corporate identity in all employees to create employees, who believe in team work and ensure that they stay in the group for a long time. We continously increase our bed capacity. We shape the sector through our pioneering work and set an example for it.

We offer clean foods physically, chemically and microbiologically. We observe published laws and regulations for raw material purchase, storage, preparation and presentation. Our goal is to increase our food safety standards continuously and to ensure that this is applied as a system.

We determine our impact on the environment and control negative effects, potential hazards and our waste to protect the environment and ensure requirements of sustainable tourism. We strive to minimize use of natural resources, energy consumption, air, water and soil pollution.

We observe the published laws, regulations, legislations and arrangements, related to the environment, work health safety and human rights and fulfill all the requirements completely. We take and apply the necessary precautions to protect our guests and employees from potential injuries and diseases and to provide the necessary working conditions while implementing our activities.

We make the effort so that environmental conscious and our social responsibilities are adopted not only by our employees but also the suppliers, subcontractors and the competent authorities. We contribute to production of environmental protection and social responsibility projects by cooperating with the local administrations, supplier companies and civil society organizations.

We take all kinds of precautions to increase and enrich local employment and protect natural life wherever we are and share all our activities, we carry out to protect the world, with the public.