Data Privacy.

Information about processing personal data.

• Objective of Protecting Personal Data Policy:
We, as San-Tur Tourism Corporation (“The Company”), exercise all the care and give importance fort he security of your personal data. With this conscious, we place great emphasis on processing, recording, transferring, sharing and storage of all kinds of personal data, ,including persons who make use of our products and services, in accordance with the Privacy Act Number 6698 (“KVK Act”). Protection of personal data is among the main policies of our Company and our company has placed prioritized importance on privacy of personal data, adopted this as a working principle and has given instructions to work in line with this principle. “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. ‘nin(Club Mega Saray)’’ aims to protect data, automatically obtained from our customers, prospective customers, employees and companies we do business with due to our business, their customers and other 3rd persons. Our company accepts and undertakes to comply with all the responsibilities, brought by KVK Act. With full conscious of this responsibility and with the title of Data Controller, we process, record, transfer, share and store your personal data in ways we explain below and in the framework of the boundaries, dictated by official legislation. You can use the contact information below for all your requests, related to Information about Processing Personal Data.
San-Tur Turizm Anonim Şirketi Club Megasaray Hotel, Kadriye Mah. Üçkum Tepesi Caddesi No 8 /1 Belek / ANTALYA Türkiye
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Our company always has the right to amend this “Information about Processing Personal Data” in the framework of changes which can be made to official legislation.

• Collecting and Processing Personal Data, Purposes for their Processing and Main Principles: “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ takes care that the data it collects or that come from other companies are obtained in accordance with the law.
1-) Always being realistic and correct: “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ takes care to make sure that all the data within the company are correct, do not contain wrong information and are always correct.
2-)Processing data in a restricted amount: “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ processes data of persons in a resticted amount during service. It does not process and use data other than that, required by the job or service.
3-)Storing the data as long as Projected by the the Laws: “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” stores data, originating from contracts, as long as legal periods, projected by Laws. It deletes data or makes them anonymous after these periods.
Protection and Privacy of Personal Data policy of “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” has been prepared in accordance with the KVK Act. In this context, your personal data can be collected through offices, branches, dealerships, call centers, web site, social media channels, mobile applications and similar means through verbal, written or electronical environments through automatic or non-automatic methods, depending on the services, products or commercial activities, provided by “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ . Your personal data shall be created and it shall be possible to process them by updating them as long as you make use of “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş.’s (Club Mega Saray)” products and services. In addition, it shall be possible for “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” to process your personal data when you

• Use our call center of web page,

• Visit “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” web page or all kinds of its social media/channels,

• Participate in all kinds of programs or organizations, organized by “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” to receive service from “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş’den. (Club Mega Saray).” Your personal data, obtained with your consent or as per other reasons, which conform to the law, stated in the laws, codes, and regulations of The Republic of Turkey may be processed by “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş (Club Mega Saray), its related companies, institutions and other real and/or legal persons, stated in the article (C) below within the personal data processing conditions and purposes, specified in articles 5 and 6 of KVK Act for the purposes of conducting all necessary activities by our relevant business units in order to help you utilize all products and services, offered by “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” and to offer the products and services, provided for you, by redesigning them according to your liking and needs, Ensuring legal and commercial security of persons who are in a business relationship with “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)” (ensuring administrative operations, conducted by our company for communication, ensuring physical security and monitoring of locations which belong to the company, evaluation processes, legal adaptation process, financial affairs, etc. of business partner/customer/provider (official or employees)) Rendering services, provided by “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. ‘nin(Club Mega Saray)’’ higher quality, informing you about general and special campaigns, promotions, discounts and similar advantages and enabling you to make use of them, processing your personal data, obtained related to your preferences,processes and the time you spent browsing in channels you enter with your user name and password in channels we offer you in order to give you the information and services you requested to you, Informing you about web site memberships (renewal, termination, etc.) of “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ and associated companies, informing you about all kinds of information which can be established with you, services and products to be offered and all kinds of changes, novelties, activities and similar issues, which might arise in personal data policies and membership conditions. Determining commercial and business strategies of “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ ensuring execution of human resources policies and fulfilling a legal obligation, determined by legislation in the case of it being specified clearly in the relevant laws and if required

• Method Collecting Personal Data and Legal Reason for Collecting it Your personal data are obtained for the purpose of offering our products and services in the framework of determined laws as “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray) in all kinds of verbal, written or electronic environment, in line with the purposes, specified above, and for our Company to fulfill its responsibilities, arising from the contract and the law, in full and correctly. Your personal data, collected because of this legal reason are processed, recorded, transferred, shared and stored in the scope of conditions and purposes, specified in articles 5 and 6 of KVK Act and the purposes, specified in the relevant article of this text.

• Processing Data with Special Quality:
Data, related to race, ethnic origin, political views, philosophical belief, religion, sect or other beliefs, appearance, association, foundation or syndicate membership, health sexual life, criminal record and safety measures and biometric and genetic data are personal data of special quality. “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ also takes adequate measures, determined by the Council, in addition to the consent of the related person for the processing of personal data with special quality. Personal data with special quality may ve processed without the consent of pesons only related to the conditions, permitted by the Act and restrictedly. Data with special quality, received from our employees for them to make use of insurance and health services can be used only by allocating for the purpose.
Data which belong to our employees:
Processing data for work relationship
Personal data of our employees can be processed without receiving consent to the extent that they are needed in terms of business relationships and health insurance. However, “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ assures confidentiality and protection of data which belong to its employees. Processing as per Legal Obligations.
“San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ may process data which belong to its employees without receiving consent if processing is stated clearly in legislation and for the purposes of fulfilling a legal obligation. This aspect is restricted to the obligations, arising from the act. Processes for the Benefit of Employees
“San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ may process personal data without obtaining consent for processes which are for the benefit of employees of the company, such as private health insurances. “San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray)’’ may also process data which belong to its employees for conflicts which arise from business relationships.
Processed Personal Data May be Transferred to Whom and for Which Purposes
Your collected personal data may be transferred to, San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray), Şahinler Holding it is affiliated with and group companies; our shareholders, providers, public institutions and private persons who are authorized by law in the framework of personal data processing conditions and purposes, specified in KVK Act articles 8 and 9 for the purposes, specified in Article (B).

• Transferring personal Data to Abroad:
Our company has the right to transfer personal data to abroad within the conditions, determined by the Council of Protecting Personal Data in KVK Act in accordance with the other conditions in the Act and after receiving consent of the person.

• Rights of Personal Data Owner, Listed in Article 11 of KVK Act:
We accept that the related person has the right to have information and his/her consent to be received before his/her personal data are processed, recorded, transferred, shared and stored and he/she has the right to determine the fate of his/her data after processing, recording, transfer, sharing and storage of data. In this framework, in the case of sending your requests to San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray) through methods, set forth in the metohds below in “Information Related to Processing Personal Data,” related to your rights as personal data owners, your request shall be brought to a conclusion, free of charge, within thirty days depending on the nature of the request. As per the Notification Regarding Application Procedure and Principles to Data Controller, published by Personal Data Protection Council, 1 TL processsing fee may be charged per page if your application will be replied in writing for you requests related to your rights as personal data owners. In this context, data owners have the rights to San-Tur Turizm A.Ş.’den (Club Mega Saray); Find out whether personal data are processed, Requesting information, related to it if their personal data have been processed, To find out the purpose of processing personal data and whether these are used in accordance with the purpose, Finding out who the third persons, domestically and abroad, personal data are transferred to are, Requesting them to be corrected in the case of personal data having been processed incımpletely or wrong and requesting to inform the third persons, personal data are transferred to of the process, performed in this context, Requesting deletion of personal data to be deleted, destroyed or made anonymous in the framework of the conditions, set forth in Article 7 of KVK Act and requesting the process, performed in this scope, to be notified to third persons, personal data have been transferred to, Rejecting arising of an outcome to the detriment of the person as a result of analyzing processed data exclusively through automatic systems Requesting compensation in the case of incurring losses due to processing of personal data against the law from San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray). However, persons do not have any rights related to data, made anonymous within the Company. San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray) may share personal data with relevant organizations and institutions for a judicial duty or state authority to exercise his/her Legal Powers, as per business and contract relationship.

• Periods Your Personal Data Shall be Processed:
In accordance with KVK Law, your personal data, processed with the purposes, specified in “Information Related to Processing Personal Data,” shall be deleted or destroyed by us or continue to be used by making them anonymous when the purpose which required them to be processed as per KVK Act article 7/p.1 has disappeared and/or when the lapse periods are completed, we are forced to process your data as per the legislation.
Cases when San-Tur Turizm A.Ş.’nin (Club Mega Saray) may Process Your Personal Data without Your Express consent as per the Laws;
San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray ) may process your personal data without your express consnet and in accorance with those, stated above and the law, as per article 5 of KVK Act in the cases below: Where set forth expressly in laws; Your not being able to express tour consent as a data owner due to actual impossibility or in cases, where your consent is not considered legally valid where it is mandatory to process your personal data to protect someone else’s life or to protect your bodily integrity, Processing personal data which belong to the parties of the contract being necessary, provided San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray ) and its affiliated companies/institutions are directly related to the construction or execution of a contract you have made with other real and/or legal persons, specified in article (C), Being mandatory for San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray ) to fulfill a legal obligation, Your personal information having been made public by you, data processing being mandatory to establish, use or protect a right, San-Tur Turizm A.Ş. (Club Mega Saray) having to process data for legal benefits, providing it does not harm your main rights and freedom.

• KFür Anfragen gemäß dem personenbezogenen Datenschutzgesetz:
Nach dem 1. Absatz des 13. Artikels des Datenschtuzgesetzes können Sie Ihre Anfragen zur Ausübung Ihrer oben angeführten Rechte auf vom Vorstand für den personenbezogenen Datenschutz festgelegte(n) Wege(n) an unser Unternehmen übermitteln. Als Alternative können Sie Ihren Antrag auch schriftlich senden. Dafür müssen Sie zuerst das MUSTERFORMULAR unter der Adresse ausfüllen und unterschreiben. Danach richten Sie auf nachfolgenden Wegen dieses Formular an unser Unternehmen aus.

• To Make a Request as per Protection of the Privacy Act:
You may submit your request related to using your rights, specified above as per paragraph 1 of article 13 of KVK Act through methods, determined/to be determined by the Council of Protecting Personal Data. Alternatively, you may also submit your request to our company in writing as per KVK Act. Please first fill out the SAMPLE FORM in HYPERLINK "" address for this. Please submit the form to our Company by choosing one of the methods below after that; You may send a copy of the form which contains your explanations related to your right you request to Club Megasaray Hotel, Kadriye Mah. Üçkum Tepesi Caddesi No 8 /1 Belek / ANTALYA Türkiye with documents which demonstrate your identity (for example, photocopy of your identification) thorugh registered and reply paid letter or notary public, or send the form you fill out and documents which prove your identification to HYPERLINK "" or address in electronic environment with secure electronic signature: Our company will ensure that the request will be brought to a conclusion within the legal period, according to the nature of the request. Rights, related to personal data may only be used for data which belong to the persons themselves. Requests which are related to the persons other than the person who filled out the form and submitted legal documents which prove identification shall not be taken into consideration. Requests to which documents which verify your identification are not attached shall not be taken into consideration. We inform you that we are obliged to share the data with public authorities when requested by public authorities even when data deleting request have been fulfilled.