MTA player training system is designed to improve the technical, tactical, mental, emotional, physical and game strategies of the players. It is a program personalized for each player. Here, our aim is to carry each player to the highest point that we can carry to the extent of their own potential. Each player benefits from all the opportunities they have in the academy regardless of the information such as age, experience, tennis background, success rating, etc. All academy executives, training staff and players act by adopting the ITF Code of Ethical Conduct regardless of language, religion or race.

Playing Style:
It is worked to develop the most appropriate playing style and way for them by considering the technical, physical, tactical and mental properties of MTA players. In addition, a game that is embraced by the player has a strong influence on developing the style.


Strategic thoughts of the athletes are one of the important parts of tactical preparation. Tactical thinking includes approaches of the athletes to their opponents realistically as well as themselves, using tactical skills quickly, sensing the moves of their opponents and taking counteraction. While strategic planning of the players is being done, their strengths and weaknesses are determined and they are enabled to adapt to future tournaments.

Athletic Development Program

Mobility-Physical Training
A good tennis player has the right mixture of properties such as endurance, explosive strength, speed, agility, flexibility. Each player is evaluated individually and their progress is followed. Our conditioning trainers contact the player and sometimes their parents and make suggestions when extra training is necessary. It should not be forgotten that tennis is a performance sport requiring a high level of condition and coordination. The main goal of the program is to carry the athletic potential of each player to the highest level. Players are included in the most suitable high-performance physical training program for them.

Mental Development
Tennis is one of the sports where both physical and mental processes are used intensively. To be successful in this sport, it will be necessary to use mental strength as well as physical strength to reach the top places of the tennis rankings. The emotions felt during a tennis match and the change of these emotions at very short intervals make it difficult to manage the emotional state. We can say that the tennis players who can manage these emotions are successful and mentally strong. Developing the mental skills and disciplines to enable our players to reach their maximum mental potential in a competitive environment is a part of our program.


Match training, point games, short and long set matches, double matches, games such as cross-point etc. that are applied within the program are part of our training system in addition to the technical training of our players. With tournament matches organized within the academy, the match psychology of the players is observed and they are enabled to get used to fighting despite the pressure during the matches.


Our players mainly train on clay courts and they also train on firm ground or artificial turf courts by considering the tournament programs where they will play.


The skill must be taught and the effect of training must be analyzed regularly to improve performance. Megasaray Tennis Academy utilizes ITF-approved sensor systems and camera records to measure and analyze the progress of the players.


Level of the athlete in terms of condition, mental, technical and tactical aspects according to certain criteria, their deficiencies, causes of failure are determined, and according to this, necessary training that should be done and the technical tests applied to our players are evaluated regularly. Evaluations made are recorded with player evaluation cards that are prepared separately for each player. Players can reach their information on the internet with a special password given to them. This information is kept confidential in the MTA database within the scope of the Personal Data Protection Law.


Our players are included in programs such as camps, tournaments, etc., which are specially planned for each player who is approved by the academy by considering their age groups and the goals set for them.